Data Analysis

An Analysis of New York City English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics Tests Results can be found under the links below. data-analysis nyc-k-8-progress-report-ay2010   References:  


Digital Literacies Matter

Technology is at the core of our lives and becoming much more prominent. With the advancement of the technology, the skills that we need to have changed. Being literate transformed into being digitally literate.  Since the technology is ubiquitous and we need to adapt our skills accordingly and acquire new skills. Firstly, since knowledge nowadays …

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Diversity Problem in Computing Culture

“Imagine a computer programmer,” asks Lilibeth Perez  in her speech and adds “You probably thought of a male, Caucasian, in his thirties, poor social skills, maybe poorly dressed.” This is the general stereotype of people who works in computing sector. Actually, the numbers are in the articles confirmed that this statement is not be only …

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Data Visualization

“The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint” contradicts  what we have been taught about presentations since high school. Basic steps to prepare a “successful” presentation were as follows. First, there was one acceptable way to do a presentation which was Powerpoint. Secondly, the fewer the words, the better the presentation, regardless of the subject and the data. …

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