Digital Literacies Matter

Technology is at the core of our lives and becoming much more prominent. With the advancement of the technology, the skills that we need to have changed. Being literate transformed into being digitally literate.  Since the technology is ubiquitous and we need to adapt our skills accordingly and acquire new skills.

Firstly, since knowledge nowadays is easily accessible, we don’t have to memorize everything. Knowing how to efficiently utilize the technology and how to find the best, quick ways to access the proper information become much more important. As we know, we can access most of the information using Google. Yet, not all people can use it in an appropriate and efficient way. Although many of us have already known how to access the information, we should also learn how we can interpret it and create our own understanding. Moreover, we need to illustrate our understanding with using right platforms.

We are exposed various type of media which try to convey different messages. Therefore, we should able to criticize the media. Let’s examine the news. In the past, the readers’ responsibility was only to read it but right now, they also need to question the sources. In the last few months, during the president election, we saw the importance of checking the resources of the news. Many people believe what they saw on their social media accounts without checking their sources and this digital illiteracy might have effected the results of the election. This example shows us that being digitally literate have affects every aspect of our lives.

In conclusion, digital literacies matter indeed. Being digitally literate is necessary to be more efficient and productive nowadays and we have to adapt our skills correspondingly. Since technology  has been taking part of every aspect of our lives day by day, we should utilize it in proper way.

One thought on “Digital Literacies Matter

  1. Hi Feliz,

    I definitely agree that there is a great need to question the sources of all of our news going forward. It’s just interesting to see why there is a surge of fake news within the last year and why it is more prominent than ever. It’s scary to think how the news we read impacts the way we interact with one another.


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