Black Mirror

While watching Black Mirror, I believe all of us have questioned the world around us.  I watched the series for the second time and I can say that it hasn’t lost its effect of being a “mirror” to show how technology influences the society. In the episode, the technological instruments used by the characters are so similar to ones that we use nowadays. This makes the whole episode more real and the whole story more intriguing.

The characters ride bikes and gain merits during most of their time, and the rest of the activities are to watch the screens and spend merits. This situation can be associated to the conditions of today’s people who are stuck in an office and become pawns of the system. With the effect of the advertisements that we are constantly exposed to, we want to consume more and more instead of thinking about the time and energy that we spent to earn money. Finally, most people believe that the things they could buy reflect their identities. This is also depicted in a scene where a woman character says that “I love gold. I feel like it really expresses who I really am.”

In the episode, buying the ticket which helps them to become a famous person and gain their “freedom” is the utmost goal of the characters. Comparing to today’s society, this is not much different than the goals of many individuals. In media, the lives of the famous people are shown like flawless in contrast to ordinary people’s problematic lives. People are encouraged to believe that becoming famous is one of the easiest ways to break the vicious cycle. This kind of system is also supported by the popular reality shows. The episode also criticizes these reality shows.

Other things that come to my mind are related with the scene where Bing couldn’t give the ticket to Abi but his avatar gives it to her avatar. This makes me realize that we are not that far away from that kind of end. For instance, many of us started to send flower images and emojis to each other on special days. Many things have been losing their meanings and becoming more and more virtual.

I think the most important part of the episode is the speech of Bing on the show. However, the story of him didn’t go as expected and we watched him becoming the part of the system and having bigger screens.

After watching the episode and thinking about it, I read some reviews about the episode to see what the other messages could be understood. The reviews were basically similar things with my thoughts although some of the reviews helped me to think more about the details that I hadn’t paid attention. There was one of point of view which I was fond of and it implies that the screens in their rooms are metaphors for the phone screens that we ‘stuck’ in today.

Although the possibility of the depicted future is frightening and makes me to feel depressive, I believe that the main aim of the episode is to create awareness about the technology addiction. I also recommend you to watch other episodes to think about the relation between the technology and the society.


3 thoughts on “Black Mirror

  1. I liked your analogy between giving real flowers and giving virtual emoji flowers. Very true. Does an emoji of a flower have the same meaning as a real one? If you receive a dozen red rose emoji’s on your birthday, does it make you feel the same way as if you received a dozen red roses in real life? I also liked your comment that famous people are portrayed by the media as having flawless lives. Donald Trump may be an exception to that rule, as the media loves to capture his flaws and share them with the world. Hillary, too.


    1. I believe that anyone doesn’t feel the same way with emojis. However, I am afraid that new generation wouldn’t have the chance to understand the importance of the reality and it may bring about a world which we have watched in the episode.


  2. I enjoyed reading your post for the fact that you connected to the reality part as well as the technology part. Famous people within this show shows us that celebrities act differently and as you had mentioned are more “flawless” than ordinary people. This show can “mirror” how technology can possibly take over our world and the actions we partake. Technology can be addictive especially when it comes to the generations in our society. More and more kids are becoming addicted to devices outside of the classroom with video games and tablets. This is our society and something we have to accept and learn how to get around it. Great post!


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