A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies

With the integration of technology and digital media to our lives, the definition of literacy is not sufficient anymore. New London Group defines ‘multiliteracies’ term and they create a theory of pedagogy of multiliteracies. This pedagogy seems crucial to adapt to new forms of our working, private and public lives.

I will concentrate on the part of the article where they discuss the changes in our private and public lives. Since internet and social media are easily reachable, private lives of people who use these resources become much more public. As a result of this publicity, identities are being transformed and people tend to behave similarly on information networks according to appreciated social norms. In this connection, authors claim that the subcultural differences become more and more significant. Many people realize their different identities and feel belonged to many different communities. Many of us have multiple layer identities therefore boundaries of different communities are blurred and overlapped. However, it is important to recognize the fact that the availability and wide-spread usage of technological resources and social media actually help people to find their own “voices” and expand their identities through different lifeworlds.

If I think about the implications of these changes on schools, I believe that we need to teach students how they will deal with those multilayered lifeworlds.  As we know, the schools were trying to create and standardized national literacy however, after the world has become more globalized, now many schools advertise themselves as they prepare students as global citizens. In the former situation, they were trying to eliminate the cultural differences by ignoring or trying to change them to the values accepted by dominant social groups. How about the latter situation? Do they care about the cultural differences or the identity of the students now? Our aim should not only prepare students to the global world which the cultural boundaries become blurred day by day but also make them have recognize and appreciation of different cultural and languages.




One thought on “A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies

  1. I also think as the world is becoming more connected through the internet and social media, it is important to prepare our students to deal with the differences. How would you approach the student who is having a difficult time being open towards these new discourses because of their private life?


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